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Come abbinare il pouf sacco al resto dell'arredamento

How to combine the bean bag pouf with the rest of the furniture

Its "mobility" quality makes it an element that can be easily integrated into different rooms of the house. A pouf can go from the living room to the bedroom, depending on your needs, and even in the garden if it's a waterproof bean bag!

For this reason, it is important to know how to choose a model and a color suitable for many different spaces, in a transversal way. To obtain a coherent and coordinated look, or a contrasting but always impressive look!

Pouf and classic furniture: does it work?

The first "dilemma" is for those who own a house with wooden furnishings, or with a line of traditional style furniture. We know that bean bags are a trendy piece of furniture and often represent the "cool" choice for contemporary-style homes.

A colorful and lively pouf model, it is clear that it does not easily adapt to a classic home. How to fix? With poufs in eco-leather or imitation leather. A touch of style that can vary in various colours, from the more neutral and classic ones to match the wood, up to the colored eco-leather poufs to give a lively point to a neutral and classic decor.

An interesting note is given by the straw-colored or dove-grey poufs, suitable for a country style , while a dark and intense gold-colored beanbag becomes a precious detail in a classic decor.

They are also perfect with the shabby chic or Provençal style , especially in the lavender, sky, beige, ice or white version.

Pouf bag and modern furniture in the living room

In this case it is much simpler, given that as we have mentioned, the contemporary style lends itself perfectly to this little "pearl" set in the space. In particular for the so-called living room, a union of living room and kitchen in a single room.

Here you could choose a pouf in imitation leather, to follow the style of the living room; or a pouf in practical technical fabric. Maybe choosing a waterproof model if you want to use it for the terrace or garden during the summer.

Despite the technical fiber, the workmanship of the poufs is such as to show refined seams, therefore also ideal for sharing and reception spaces such as the living room.

The more contemporary neutral shades such as the ecru color and the rope color are interesting for integrating into the more minimalist living rooms in light wood. On the contrary, as a contrast there are poufs in vital fashion colors : lemon yellow, fuchsia, acid green or emerald green. An intense note can be given by a bright orange pouf, while if you want to tone down the tones there are always brown poufs, dark green and elegant black.

In addition to the style, the armchair-bed poufs represent an extra practical note as furniture, to receive guests even during the night.

The pouf in bedrooms and bedrooms

For a more intimate environment, in which to relax, a small ottoman armchair can certainly be a source of comfort. Surely, it should be combined with the bedroom with neutral and restful colors, to facilitate relaxation.

Unless you decide to create a lively and colorful room, then there is no shortage of ideas for bright shades, including pink rose for a very feminine room. Something in between is the midnight blue pouf, which holds dirt well and often goes well with the white or blue of the rooms.

Even if the choice of material can vary between poufs in fabric or eco-leather, the latter is often recommended - so as not to give the bedroom a too "practical" touch. Quite a different matter for the children's poufs in the bedroom . Waterproof fabric is almost a must when dealing with the little ones at home. Polyester poufs are safe, do not hold stains or humidity and can be washed comfortably.

The extra note of comfort for the room? A pouf with footrest suitable for total relaxation. However, it can be inserted in the furnishing of any environment as a comfortable seat for reading, watching movies on TV, playing video games ... even just having a comfortable conversation!

Avalon bean bags

All the models mentioned, from the colorful and gaudy ones to the pouf sofas in imitation leather, are present in abundance in our collection of bean bag poufs .

They are designed in different sizes and colors to adapt to the interior decor in a functional way. From giant armchairs to small bean bags for children. Certainly there are also cushions, beanbags that become beds. ..

The opportunities to combine the bean bag pouf with the furnishings are designed for every style and need.

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