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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q question and answer
  1. What material is used to fill the poufs?
    The poufs are stuffed with polystyrene microspheres. This material is used as the polystyrene makes the poufs comfortable and comfortable, making them adapt perfectly to the shape of the body of those who sit on them.
  2. What is the difference between samba fabric poufs and jive fabric poufs?
    The substantial difference between the two types of fabrics lies in the fact that samba it is a purely outdoor fabric and can also be exposed to the sun as it is particularly resistant to sun, salt, mould, cold and water while the jive fabric it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods.
  3. Is it possible to sleep on the cushion pouf?
    Being very comfortable, it is possible to sleep and rest on the cushion poufs. This is mainly due to the filling in polystyrene microspheres which allows the poufs to adapt to the shape of the body of those who sit on them.
  4. Are pouffe bags suitable for people suffering from back pain?
    The very nature of their padding means that the pouf bags are suitable for people suffering from back pain thanks to their ergonomic nature and the extreme comfort they are able to offer.
  5. Are beanbags suitable for physical exercises?
    Thanks to their comfort and versatility, poufs are extremely suitable for physical exercises. In particular, those in mamba eco-leather are used as a support for therapies for disabled people by rehabilitation centres.
  6. How far does the seat sink on a cube, cylinder or disc pouf?
    The seat sinks a few centimetres, due to the pouf adapting to the shape of the body of the person sitting on it.
  7. Are fabric poufs suitable for outdoor environments?
    Jive fabric poufs are suitable for outdoor environments but, even being very resistant, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, to preserve the fabric.
  8. Do the poufs arrive already stuffed?
    Yes, the poufs arrive at home already filled with polystyrene microspheres. However, refills can also be purchased.
  9. Is the Jive technical fabric resistant?
    The Jive technical fabric is very resistant as it is a tearproof fabric with high resistance to abrasion and creases. Furthermore, the Jive technical fabric does not shrink, does not crease and has excellent flexibility and peculiar lightness.
  10. What are the characteristics of mamba eco-leather?
    The Mamba faux leather fabric is of the most sought-after quality, specifically designed to achieve greater softness to the touch. It has a high resistance to heat (fireproof class 1M) and abrasion. In addition to having the typical characteristics of eco-leather: breathable, resistant to water and wear, perfectly washable and environmentally friendly.
  11. How can poufs be cleaned?
    Each pouf, in any fabric, can be cleaned very easily as each fabric has the peculiarity of being a perfectly washable material. For daily cleaning, just use a sponge dipped in warm water and neutral soap. Subsequently, it must be rinsed with clean water, taking care to dry with a soft cloth or terry cloth. In case of stains, it is recommended to clean, rinse and dry as quickly as possible.
  12. Do the poufs have an internal bag?
    Yes, some types of poufs have an internal bag. The poufs that offer this peculiarity are all the Samba fabric models and all the cushion models.

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