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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.
Cuscini per divanetto

Sofa cushions

The sofa is a symbol of comfort , relaxation, sometimes even enjoyable laziness... For this reason, sinking into its cushions is always pleasant, and even more so when it comes to sofa cushions. Where one thinks of a less comfortable situation, the cushion poufs truly come as a surprise.

If, in addition, they are light and can also be moved from the sofa with ease , then the comfort doubles!

Outdoor sofa cushions

The latest housing trends give great value to outdoor spaces, the so-called outdoor life which, in recent years, has received a lot of attention in terms of furniture (even more than indoors in some cases!).

Comfortable tables and sofas are all the rage for the courtyard, garden, poolside. Even for the simple terrace when it can accommodate an informal sofa (wood, plastic, bamboo, etc.).
For this reason, the cushions for outdoor sofas that cover both the seats are also in great demand, but they can also be taken elsewhere on the lawn when they are waterproof and soft cushions like our collections.

Garden cushions

The spaces full of greenery can be gardens completely in the sun, or covered by pergolas, pergolas or verandas.
In any case, they represent a relaxing external environment , where plants are housed and (often) pets find an outlet.

For this reason, as we have mentioned, those who do not want more formal furnishings with tables or sofas can think of simple giant poufs or huge garden cushions.
Where you can "dive in" to relax, play with your pets, read or sunbathe.

Anyone who owns a pool space, or an inflatable pool, will be even more attracted by these waterproof poufs !

In the maxi sizes, the large cushions allow you to invite more people to enjoy the garden, becoming a unique comfort during the summer.

Sofa cushions

If the sofa is made of wood, as is often the case for gardens and outdoor spaces, then even more so is a soft seat to complement it.

As happens when you choose cushions for sofas in pallets in the sizes suitable for covering the wooden structure.
A cushion for the outdoor sofa can be a soft and colorful cushion, or with a sofa shape , to cover the pallet without leaving spaces between the backrest and the seat.

The solutions are varied, and even in terms of fabrics it can be interesting to combine wood with eco-leather rather than with the classic technical fabric .
The only thing to decide is whether to combine the sofa cushion outdoors or as an extension of the interior design (perhaps on the verandas...).

In any case, the fundamental characteristics of the cushions for outdoor sofas are always the same:

  • technical fabric filled with expanded polystyrene pellets;
  • impermeability suitable for outdoor environments (gardens, terraces, swimming pools);
  • resistance to abrasion, also suitable for sofas in public places (lounge bars, discos, restaurants, waiting rooms);
  • resistance to salt, mould, cold and sunlight;
  • removable cushion, easy and convenient to wash;
  • tear-resistant fabric and double locking system for safety;
  • light weight (total weight about 4 kg).
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