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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.
Cuscini per divani da esterni

Cushions for outdoor sofas

Having comfortable garden furniture allows you to relax while taking a breath of fresh air, or some sun. Maybe after a busy day at work or school. This is why furniture and its accessories are important, both for beauty and for comfort. And among the accessories for outdoor furniture there are also cushions for outdoor sofas . But not everyone is suitable, let's see why.

Poufs and cushions for outdoor furniture

For greater comfort, these cushions must be resistant and suitable for outdoor use. Often, in fact, the cushions slip, move and even do not allow you to sit properly, when they are not fixed to the sofa or are not modular.

In the long run, soft outdoor sofa cushions are best, as they conform to the furniture and allow you to sit with peace of mind. There is no need to secure the cushions, if they are non-slip they will stop slipping. Designers often offer outdoor cushions to enrich seats and protect them from external agents. Indeed, a sofa cushion is waterproof, removable and washable.

outdoor pouf waterproof cushion
It resists the aggressions of wind and rain, does not fade in the sun. All characteristics that, on the other hand, fabric cushions possess and make them perishable in a short time. In addition, cushions made of acrylic not only stand up to water and the sun, but are also resistant to mold and rot, maintaining their quality for a long time. Furthermore, an outdoor cushion can also be released from the sofa if necessary , and dragged onto the lawn! With waterproof cushions, you have a great deal of freedom over where you can place them in your outdoor space. For example, in the morning it is possible to place the cushion on the pool loungers, at lunch to bring them near the table, and on the outdoor sofa in the evening. Waterproof cushions not only stand up to pool splashes and rain, as well as the cold or sun, but they dry quickly . This means they can be moved easily around the garden, from the lawn to the outdoor sofa.

Furnish the outdoor space with waterproof cushions

pillow with girl and dog
By choosing a sofa and a pouf as a solution, you can think of furnishing a garden, a veranda or an outdoor space in a way that is always tidy but also beautiful and functional. The outdoor cushions that Avalon offers, in fact, are designed in different colors and patterns, to be able to adapt to the furnishing of sofas, chairs or tables. Whether it's in wicker, wrought iron or wood, your outdoor sofa can be revitalized with practical and elegant personalized cushions , or rather cushion-shaped poufs, stuffed with polystyrene balls. Sofa and cushion styles will ensure a beautiful, comfortable, and long-lasting outdoor living experience. The outdoor cushions can be coordinated for garden furniture , for outdoor sofas, chaise longues or be placed directly on the lawn or on the floor. They are cushions suitable for terraces, swimming pools, gardens, lounge bars, clubs, restaurant exteriors, etc. You can find them both in colored stripes and in solid colors with different colors , which can be combined with the furnishings : yellow, red, blue, green, gray, burgundy, purple, water green, white, waterproof cushions, and many other colored shades! If you're afraid they'll fade because waterproof cushions are left out for long periods of time, you're wrong: Outdoor waterproof cushion materials, like acrylic canvas, don't fade in the sun . Feeling inspired to live outdoors comfortably? Start transforming your outdoor space today with our range of outdoor cushions, outdoor sofa cushions and benches. We can help you create a space you can't wait to relax in, say goodbye to those old faded cushions or that empty space !
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