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Guida interior design con i Pouf

Interior design guide with Poufs

Do you think poufs have ever gone out of style? You are right! After half a century, they still continue to "pop up" in one house or another, always well liked by those who sit comfortably on them.
Poufs are, in fact, comfortable, light to carry, colorful and elegant in many cases – maybe those in eco-leather!

Of course, not all furniture models match this description, but inserting poufs into your interior design can always be surprising…

Design ottoman

The pouffe is an extremely versatile accessory for your home design, and looks charming in every single room, as well as outdoors on the terrace or in the garden!

At the same time, it is very practical and welcoming but also decorative, especially in the more elegant design pouf models. Like the cylinder poufs , which can be in fabric or eco-leather, designed to create a round shape and a single point of color in the environment. This shape can satisfy almost any design, from modern to classic.
Alternatively, among the design poufs there are the cube poufs with a trendy style especially in the colored and large versions (90x90x43). This type of seating can add a playful spirit to the space, which immediately creates attraction towards its space.

In the style of the cylindrical poufs, there are also the disc-shaped poufs , soft and very suitable for outdoors with their waterproof fabric and wide shape, to welcome those who want to relax.

Even more, to rest comfortably, there are pouf beds suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces such as gardens and poolsides.

Finally, cushion poufs are ideal for bedrooms, they often feature bright designs and colors, and allow you to sit or rest in total comfort.

Versatility of the pouf design

One of the coolest things about the ottoman design is that it can be used in a number of different ways. For example, it is perfect as an extra seat in the room, it is an excellent footrest, it can be used as a clothes stand or, in some models, as a container.
At the same time, the ottoman can become a coffee table and is solid, rigid in shape.

Needless to reiterate that the pouf bed will have an important function for welcoming guests or for taking a "nap" in the garden!

However you choose to use your ottoman, make sure it can introduce a witty, lively and welcoming atmosphere. It can become a focal point of your decor !

There are hundreds of different models and colors of poufs in our catalogue, so choosing the right one for you shouldn't be difficult...

In the meantime, let's see some suggestions on shades.

Ottoman design: which color to choose?

  • Pouf Red – catalyzes the eye and the light, creates an electrifying atmosphere for parties.

  • Fuchsia pouf – very trendy for a chic and lively environment, which immediately attracts attention.

  • Green pouf – perfect for adding a touch of natural appeal to a neutral-coloured environment

  • Gray pouf – refined and minimalist, it is perfect for furnishings in which to blend in and not attract the lights.

  • Blue pouf – for bedrooms and bedrooms, relaxing and also suitable for integration with wood.

  • Beige pouf – elegant and sophisticated, especially if in eco-leather, it can fit into a classic decor.

  • Orange pouf – versatile and playful, it is ideal for outdoors and for moving the lights inside.

  • Pouf White - for a serene effect, a neutral and calm vision, which makes other furniture stand out.

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