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La Storia dei Pouf

The History of Poufs

Poufs , nowadays have become real furnishing accessories , functional and versatile , precisely because of the various variations that can be implemented with them. For example, they can perform the function of footrest, support surface, chairs, armchairs, beds and much more. (Much depends on their shape and size). As well as decorating and enhancing the environment in which they are placed.

But have you ever wondered when and how poufs became so popular? Well, there are of course different stories and versions about it..

Legend has it that the first appearance of poufs dates back to the 19th century. It is said that they owe their name to the French hairstyles in fashion at the time, launched by Queen Marie Antoinette who was the first to adopt a 'pompous' and nothing short of whimsical hairstyle, made up of a metal frame which served as a structure to 'inflate' the aforementioned hairstyle that took the name of 'Pouf'.

Other voices narrate instead that the French term ' pouf ' is simply motivated, "onomatopoeically" speaking, by the sound that would be produced if we dived into one of these nice and very soft furnishings.

One thing is certain, the true origins of our beloved poufs are much older than we think. It has always been widely used by the Arabs who furnished and decorated their homes with these pretty and comfortable cushions of various sizes, colors and materials, using them to relax at any time of the day.

Design and Functionality of Poufs over Time

The use and appearance of poufs has obviously evolved over the years. For example In the past they were almost exclusively used as footrests or rather "static" seats with limited comfort. Nowadays, however, we find types of poufs capable of enveloping us completely , giving us absolute relaxation. Other models that allow us to totally lie down on them. Not to mention the wide range of materials available and for all needs. From the classic design to the more bizarre and lively one.

In short, as we may have noticed, poufs are today furnishing objects of contemporary design and equally comfortable, timeless and indispensable. Unique seats, able to satisfy your need for relaxation in complete comfort. We just need to know how to choose the model that is best for us.

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