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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.
Pouf Colorati

Colored poufs

If you too are madly in love with poufs, surely you are thinking about how to furnish your environment with their many variations, in material and colour! Aside from the unbeatable comfort of a bean bag, to add extra seating or rest, choosing colorful bean bags is a great way to stunningly decorate any room in your home.

From neutral tones to bold colours, our collection of styles, colors and designs in poufs make these one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture stand out.

You may have doubts, for example which color will look best in the living room or bedroom, and we know that it is not an easy task to choose the perfect shade, but certainly the Avalon proposals allow you to range among the many shades....

Silver ottoman

You'll be hard-pressed to find something more glamorous and refined for reading your latest book, watching movies, or relaxing with your Sunday morning coffee. A silver pouf is perfect if you don't want to weigh down the strong colors of the furniture and walls, and keep an essential element of style for your relaxation. It is also useful if you have all the furniture in black & white style , and you want to give the perfect gradation so as not to make your silver pouf uniform, always making it stand out in harmony!

Thanks to its colour, a silver pouffe will never be a visual element out of place, with any style.

Red ottoman

A pouf in this color is perfect if you want to respect the correspondence of the shades of your interiors, when they are tinged with red, light or dark wood tones , to enhance the black or white of the furniture. Of course, you have to pay attention to the "visual detachment" effect when you go in contrast, because surely a red pouf can become a very important focal point in this way .

It can become a colorful and lively spot especially if the red pouf is outdoors, on the grass, or on a white marble floor.

White ottoman

Not only welcoming but also elegant , a white pouf is ideal if you want to assimilate this seat more and more similar to a sofa or an armchair . It's perfect when the furniture is multi-coloured: you avoid creating another chaos between shades, and you don't exalt the pouf as a prominent element. If the furniture is classic but you don't want to give up the pouf, a white faux leather one is the most refined solution! If walls and furniture are equally clear, perhaps minimalist, it will blend in and blend in better. It can also be used for a more modern note in a shabby chic context.

Colored poufs

If you add a pouf to an existing environment, you have to be careful when choosing the color, to avoid creating "out of tune" effects. It should match the rest of the room or, at the very least, be neutral. Which is not easy for a colored pouf, but it is also true that there are many shades that we offer on the Avalon website, including poufs in neutral tones such as gray or taupe. Or our multi-stripe cylinder poufs with different colours.

Just remember that adding too much color, in an environment already saturated with so many shades, can make the beanbag feel out of place.

The ultimate goal is to create a harmonious color scheme, where everything makes visual sense. If everything revolves around your pouf, instead, then you can insert a "shock" color like fuchsia, in a neutral environment. You can even adjust the new color scheme to match your ottoman when redecorating a room!

Made in Italy products

Avalon beanbags and rigid poufs are designed for maximum versatility, even in terms of color style. They are poufs that follow contemporary Italian design , therefore with many lively shades and a very high attention to the finishes. We follow the research in our sector, and after many years of production development, we are able to offer products with Made in Italy style and materials, hand-crafted poufs , handcrafted in their shapes and also in the colors.
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