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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.
Pouf Grande Fratello 2020

Pouf Big Brother 2020

The softness and comfort of a pouf are timeless qualities, which for several decades have shown no sign of going out of fashion, on the contrary...

The pouf invites you to throw yourself into its "arms" which it doesn't have, being a large and soft cushion , which is usually found on the floor. We can place it outdoors, surrounded by other furniture perhaps at its height for an "oriental" seat, or outside by the pool, for a lawn pouf !

Furnishing with a pouf: your own home or Big Brother's home!

It is a versatile piece of furniture, perfect for any room in your home. More and more, poufs are appearing in interior design as an elegant way to bring people together in a room, but without the formality of a sofa.

Poufs are a practical and creative piece of furniture for highly frequented spaces such as living rooms and terraces, but they also become an original seat for the bedroom.

Big brother pouf set vip armchair Not only for your home, however, they can be fine. Poufs are often used as furniture for sets , and for reality shows where different people can interact in a single space. For example, also in this edition of Big Brother 2020 there was a pouf model to accommodate tiredness, conversations, relaxation. As we make poufs and armchairs, we know when it is essential to create a relaxing environment in a set like the one where you are together 24/7, for this reason the idea of ​​inserting armchair poufs ( a real big cushion!) is always excellent.

The versatile poufs for any environment

The poufs can also represent different elements, effortlessly, thanks to their "fluid" characteristics. They are solid but also soft, they can function as a chair, footrest, additional tabletop and more, according to their placement in the furniture space. Furthermore, they are also convenient as space savers, because many models can be opened and become a real container pouf. Furthermore, they can fit into any room, unlike the sofa, and can be easily inserted or removed from the furniture. In some cases the poufs can blend in, in other cases they create a contrast of color and stand out to complete your design. Have you ever thought about getting a pouf for your home decor? Maybe it's time, if you are looking for a diversion that can renew your environment with little effort!

Pouf materials and models

big brother armchair pouf graphics The poufs are very practical design elements, because they are adaptable with the many variations of color and fabric, from the leather poufs that recall the seventies, to the plastic ones for the terrace and the swimming pool. Even though they are relatively small, they can change a design and because of this, they need to be placed appropriately in the interior design. Warning, for example: if the pouf is too large for the environment it is intended for, it may seem disharmonious and forced in its presence. A pouf should always appear elegantly inserted, perhaps for an ethnic or ironic touch! Our many models allow you to adapt the pouf you want to your interior, without problems. You can find them in various sizes, shapes and colors. On our Avalon e-store you will find them created with tear-resistant fabric , or poufs in eco-leather , in a classic or modern and imaginative style. The bean bags, together with the poufs, create a piece of furniture that can also be customized with colored writing or logos: for your very personal set!
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