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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.
Giardino moderno ed ecologico con Divani pallets

Modern and ecological garden with pallet sofas

True relaxation in an outdoor space is that of a sofa!

Even for the garden, in fact, there are now many possibilities to furnish with furniture that once would have been reserved for the living room, such as the sofa.

Given the natural environment in which they are inserted, it is an excellent idea to think of a pallet sofa - the platforms or pallets on which transport and shipment loads usually rest.

They are wooden structures, which are well suited to the lawn, plants or swimming pool.

The pallet sofas will naturally be enriched with soft seats, which cover the wooden planks with their comfort: giant cushions, suitable for covering the outdoor sofa.

Add a gorgeous pallet sofa to your garden or patio, and you've solved a problem for guests and your leisure time!

Cushions for pallet sofas

Wooden structures are perfect for the outdoors and also surprising because they are cheaper and easier to build than the usual furniture and sofas. They can also be created with a do-it-yourself sofa idea, and for this you can choose how to cover them with special pallet sofa cushions .

Our Avalon collection offers several cushion armchairs in sizes suitable for the pallet, which in the gardens are created with waterproof fabrics.

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These are giant or medium-sized pillows, which can be both rectangular and round .

You will be able to create a perfect sofa for every functional and style need. Maybe an indoor area to relax, for children to play, for pets to run around; in short, there are many ideas as well as pallet cushions to choose from.

Pallet cushion

Several pallets can be used, combined with each other horizontally and as backrests, to transform them into an outdoor sofa. Covered with the softest cushions, these sofas immediately become comfortable and welcoming.

The hardest part, the pallet, is the platform (called pallet) which will be carefully covered to create a particular style effect in the garden. It could also be varnished, depending on the harmony or contrast with the cushion armchairs.

When choosing cushions for the pallet, size as well as aesthetic needs must be taken into account. A fiery red cushion, or sky blue, are certainly perfect in the garden but... will they be able to completely cover the pallet?

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We remind you that on average the pallets show a size of 1000 x 1200 mm, able to accommodate medium and even XXL cushions.

Giant outdoor cushions

For those who want not only a comfortable seat on the sofa, but also a real immersion in softness, then the cushions that also act as armchairs are ideal!

They can be moved from the pallet to the lawn, comfortably and easily, becoming giant outdoor cushions on which to sink into the lawn, by the pool, under the pergola or in a corner of the courtyard to read or listen to music in peace.

You can choose with bright colors, perfect for giving a lively note to the outside, or with more camouflage tones to create harmony with the wood of the pallets and furniture.

The huge cushions allow you to accommodate even two people (with a width of 2 meters) but at the same time they are very easy to move, light and also suitable for children.

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They become beanbags out of the pallet, and in the clubs they function as very comfortable lounge chairs.

Using a maxi padded cushion on the pallet sofa to relax the mind and body after the hustle and bustle of a busy day... it's a priceless pleasure!

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