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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.
Poltrona Sacco - Qualità, Comoda, Bella e Leggera

Beanbag - Quality, Comfortable, Beautiful and Light

Beanbag chairs or armchairs are now one of the furnishing accessories that is becoming increasingly trendy and appreciated.
How come? Surely this is due to the many qualities of a beanbag ; a kind of pillow made in various shapes and sizes and can have many different uses, and many advantages!

It is of very high quality

In the past, beanbag chairs consisted of a simple "sack" of fabric or leather, filled with lightweight beads or soft, but not always durable or safe materials.
Today the upholstery for bean bags or poufs , as well as the internal materials, have become excellent, they are designed to be non-toxic, comfortable, easy to clean.

The beanbag we offer, in fact, is filled with the brand new EPS Pro Quality polystyrene beads of Italian production which make it even softer, capable of taking on many shapes; but above all, these pearls do not release dust. A padding that ensures unparalleled stability and a longer life. Also thanks to the new stitching, the pouf armchair is practically indestructible.

It's very comfortable

These bean bags are extremely useful because the chair will mold to each person's body, to provide maximum support and comfort!

Depending on the size of the bean bag and the size of the person, there are also various shapes to facilitate ergonomics . In many models, especially the larger beanbags, it is possible to sit or lie down comfortably, to read or listen to music.

This type of ottoman is great for those suffering from back pain and stiff joints. The way the chair adapts to the shape of the body is a "plus" that few products can boast.

Furthermore, the beanbag is also very popular for pregnancy, where correct ergonomics in rest are essential.
Even for those suffering from stress-induced insomnia, sitting in a beanbag makes you sleep quickly, feeling enveloped...

It furnishes and is beautiful to look at

A bean bag adds a unique touch to your interior design, fantastically creates a lively atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or outdoor spaces!

Each bean bag is diversified in size, shape and style , to become a high quality furnishing product. It is found in different fabrics and models, even with design patterns suitable for children's bedrooms.

Being easy to move and functional, beanbag chairs fall into the group of one of the most versatile "furniture" for indoors, outdoors, gardens, common spaces...

Indeed, the beanbag chairs can also be taken elsewhere. Do you want to have a picnic? You can easily take a seat with you - it doesn't take up so much space in the car and it's not heavy at all.

It is comparable to armchairs which are however expensive and heavy.

These ottomans often have the shape of a full-size sofa, in the giant version. Yet, they are not that bulky and heavy .

They can also be inserted into pallet structures to create comfortable pouf sofas. Or, leave it in the living room to create loveseats or bean bags, with all the benefits of comfort without any of the drawbacks of weight.

Furthermore, the bean bag can also be the perfect refuge for cats, dogs and many other pets to rest. An advantage compared to armchairs is also given by their fluff: bean bags are very easy to clean and do not fear stains, like when your pet sleeps on the sofa instead!

At the same size and weight, beanbags have a lower price than other furniture. The money you save can go towards improving other areas of your home, making it a perfect investment for those on a budget.

At a much lower cost than a classic sofa or armchair, there are many benefits of having a bean bag at home... or in the garden!

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