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Pouf a lettino e poltrone

Pouf bed and armchairs

Having a “foldable” bed is a surefire success. Why? You can place it in any corner of the living room or dining room, bedroom or guest room... without taking up almost any particular space.

In addition, a cot pouf can be used both as a seat and as a bed. Even more so if it is a pouf armchair that is so large that you can fall asleep in it.

In short, there are advantages when you choose a pouf that is not a simple armchair but a comfortable bed!

Pouf bed and sunbeds

Especially in the case of the pouf bed model, it is a solution suitable for maximum convenience of space and transport. A "mobile" bed that can be brought from inside in winter, where you can crouch in the warmth, to the garden in summer to relax in the fresh air.

In addition, a further comfort is given by the pouf armchair model which becomes a cot, once opened. If when closed it is a soft raised bean bag, opening the underlying part to bed, it becomes a comfortable pouf bed!

The dimensions of the beds or pouf beds are various, depending on the needs. The measurements of the armchair are different especially between the closed model and when it is opened.

If closed, the armchair is 95x75 cm wide and with a height of 60 cm, once opened, the armchair becomes a pouf bed measuring 75x180 and with a maximum height of 45 cm.

The cot is large, comfortable and also practical in terms of maintenance. A plaid or a towel is enough to cover yourself, and you don't have to fear stains or humidity, for the summer season.

This is because the pouf bed is designed with a waterproof and easily washable fabric (it's removable!). The eco-leather pouf bed version is also available, as an elegant model for interiors, as well as for terraces, gardens and poolsides.

We remind you that eco-leather replaces hide and leather, it is breathable, resistant to wear and tear and to sunlight, waterproof.

Ottoman armchairs

There is also the model of large pouf armchairs , therefore already with the shape of a cot and which must not be opened. Its dimensions are 80x110x35 and with a comfortable backrest at 75cm in height.

Often used in environments such as lounge bars, waiting rooms and public places, this armchair pouf is also very resistant but is created with a special technical fabric. It's very resistant but you shouldn't expose it to too much sunlight – perfect for shady areas where you can take a... nap!

Why choose ottoman bed

Poufs set a fashion trend, they are comfortable and welcoming, and in the sack bed versions they certainly bring interesting advantages to your interior design.

  • The ottomans can easily transform from a bean bag chair to a bed, with minimal effort on your part. No complicated steps, and you won't need people to help you do it.

  • The mobility and lightness of these products are an advantage: the pouffes are easy to transport from one room to another. Unlike a sofa or armchair, an ottoman doesn't always have to stay in one place in the house, you can move it anywhere you feel the need to sit and lie down.

  • Sleeping but also relaxing on the balcony, reading your favorite book, listening to music, lying down in the living room to watch your favorite TV... take, open, close and drag your pouf bed indoors or outdoors.

  • Pouf beds are an economical alternative to armchairs, beds or sofas. Many people have given up on other forms of sitting in the living room, thanks to the placement of multiple poufs with sofa systems and sofa beds.

  • If you need an extra place for your guests to sleep (maybe it's late to go home!), pouf beds can become a temporary solution for anyone who needs an extra place for the night.

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