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Arreda il tuo giardino

Decorate your garden

You can add a touch of liveliness and comfort to your outdoor furniture with garden cushions. These are stylish accessories that make the difference, even in terms of hospitality! A garden pouf becomes a super comfortable addition to the already existing outdoor furniture , if there are armchairs or sofas; or replaces them with a design point – garden cushions look great in twos and threes, far apart or close together . Let's see how to furnish lawns, gardens and terraces with these soft and versatile seats .

Garden cushions

You can mix and match them, letting your creativity run wild! Whether they are square or rectangular, oval, simple in color or fancy, garden cushions have the power to transform any outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation and welcome. You can also choose to combine different materials, but a waterproof cushion is always recommended for your little Eden, so you don't have any kind of problem from the inevitable "attacks" from external agents or pets. If you want to make your terrace or garden even more engaging with outdoor cushions, you will have the opportunity to host people in an informal but comfortable way . They will have to be water-repellent cushions, resistant to stains, mold and UV rays, but this does not mean that technical fabrics deny you style. Indeed, you can find them in many colors and shapes , especially in the garden bean bag versions. You can add pops of color here and there, create bold combinations or arrange the cushions in a patchwork of different shades. Whatever you choose, this is your chance to design an exclusive outdoor furniture.

Garden ottoman

The addition of some comfortable and fluffy seat cushions outdoor pouf can transform an outdoor environment. Not only in terms of comfort, but also in style thanks to a new point of furniture with a surprising design.

Inserting these poufs with fabrics and colors that stand out is an interesting and economical way to refresh your garden furniture.

In terms of comfort, the poufs allow you to stretch out and relax, even to take the classic "nap" outdoors, sip a drink or read. They are also ideal for children, as there are garden poufs of various sizes, and thus create a play and rest space for the little ones - who often love being in the countryside. Some poufs are also designed in the form of garden armchairs with technical fabrics suitable for outdoor environments, swimming pools, gardens and even bars and open-air venues. The garden poufs have removable and waterproof covers, of course, and they also reassure you about the maintenance of your outdoor furniture.

Indeed, the colored casing of the poufs can be removed for washing in the washing machine, and the special fabric is designed to be 100% resistant to outdoor use.

The advantages of poufs and garden cushions

The ergonomic design welcomes your guests or your moments of relaxation in the open air. It is no small thing, of course, but one of the main advantages of furnishing the garden with cushions and poufs is that of having "mobile" seats, which can be moved in and out as needed. Unlike the classic static chairs, the cushions softly take your shape and are light, so much so that they can be reused indoors when the season no longer allows you to enjoy the garden. Furthermore, if you want original outdoor furniture, you can use cushions as a pop, unpredictable, innovative object for those looking for trendy decor, especially by the pool!
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