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Use the code "SPECIALBAG" for 5 euros. Valid for all products.
Use the code "SPECIALBAG" for 5 euros. Valid for all products.


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You choose how to create the pouf or cushion of your dreams

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In addition to the vast assortment of its catalog, Avalon also offers you the possibility of fully customizing the pouf or cushion of your dreams, taking into account only your needs and the characteristics you most desire.

The Avalon craftsmen will follow you, step by step, until you get to the creation of a customized product that fully reflects your requirements, a resistant product that is insensitive to the passage of time that always keeps quality standards and safety intact that distinguish the company.

Shapes, dimensions, colours: Avalon sets no limits to your imagination, giving you the possibility to choose every detail and feature of what will be a unique and inimitable pouf or cushion.

In a short time, you will receive a product entirely designed by you, completely made in Italy and at very low cost.

The pouf of your desires

Avalon Italia customized poufs

Over the years, from our birth to today, we have always thought about the best way to make our products unique and above all close to people's needs.

And so, we decided to give everyone the opportunity to customize the pouf or cushion from the Avalon collection to their liking: in other words, the pouf of their desires.

Doing so is immediate and intuitive, you just need a few simple steps: before making the payment, choose how to customize the pouf you want by applying your company's brands and logos and in a few days, thanks to the speed of shipping and delivery, you will be delivered the pouf you have chosen, a unique and singular piece of furniture.

The customization offered by Avalon is not limited to brands and logos only: it is possible to customize your pouf or cushion even with simple writings, phrases, prints or images, always following the same procedure.

Today, we are proud to tell you that there are already many companies from different sectors that have chosen a personalized Avalon pouf or cushion as an alternative and original means of sponsorship.

The next target? We're working on it…

Request expert advice


How many times have we wished for something, something that perhaps was well imprinted in our imagination but which then, in the planning and construction phase, became more difficult to implement, thus discovering that our ideas were less clear than expected .

But if we talk about Avalon poufs or cushions, we have the solution for this too:

In fact, Avalon provides you with a design studio with professionals able to provide completely free advice, with no obligation to purchase, to help you choose the ideal features for creating the pouf that best suits your needs or those of yours. agency.

The design studio will constantly follow you directing you on the choice of the shape, color, size and material of the pouf you want to make.

In this way you will have the opportunity to produce and purchase a product that will adapt in the best possible way to the environment in which you want to place it, making this environment modern and original.

The advice of a team of professionals is aimed above all at helping customers in choosing a product of the highest quality, made with first choice materials, with attention to the smallest details, completely handmade and produced with the made in Italy brand, a symbol of safety and reliability.

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