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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.


Cuscini giganti da esterno

Giant outdoor cushions

Maximum relaxation, comfort of course, but also the lightness of having just one pillow to carry wherever you want, to... dive into it!

The giant outdoor cushions are perfect for the garden, the swimming pool, but also for furnishing a room or an outdoor space where you can have a barbecue or chat. Furthermore, by choosing large cushions you are sure of being able to accommodate another person or your 4-legged friend, given that the measures can reach up to two meters in height.
Only benefits? Certainly many, and let's see why, i.e. how these cushions are made...

Giant cushion poufs for the outdoors

On the beach or under the veranda, an XXL cushion is an asset for relaxing, listening to music, sunbathing... without limits, this giant pouf allows you to get maximum comfort, in a versatile way.

It does not hurt the back, being ergonomic, thanks to its expanded polystyrene padding - comfortable but able to support our body well.

Why can it be defined as maximum comfort for outdoor life? The resistance to external agents such as sun and water is typical of these giant waterproof poufs .

The technical fabric prevents it from being damaged and for this reason the cushion pouf is perfect as a seat for terraces, gardens, lounge bars, swimming pools.

Resistant to salt and sun, for those who take it to the beach; to cold and water due to temperature ranges and sudden rain climates; it does not allow mold to proliferate and is difficult to scratch (anti-abrasion).

Each cushion and pouf model has removable covers and can be easily cleaned and sanitized; therefore, it is also suitable for nibbling and drinking something when sitting or lying on the big cushion.

Do you want to relax and play with pets? Well, it's also tear and stain resistant – more comfortable than that!

Carry it from inside to outside and vice versa: a cushion pouf fits everywhere!

The giant cushions are also light and can be easily moved from inside to outside without any problems. A plus point for those looking for outdoor cushions, but which can also be mobile seats, not like sofas and chairs.

Easy to handle, you can take it wherever the sun is, while you can pick it up quickly and bring it in when dark clouds appear on the horizon.

Outdoor cushions are a useful and economical alternative to garden furniture .
You can choose them best thinking about the colour , solid and lively perhaps, or more neutral and elegant, up to the version of the giant striped pillow or with tattoo designs.

Furthermore, in our catalog there are also giant round poufs, as well as with the classic rectangular or square cushion shape.

A giant cushion shaped pouffe, it's comfortable for lying in the sun with a good book, great as extra seating for friends and family, ideal for creating comfy chairs for anyone wanting to watch an outside TV or screen, perhaps for matches or movies .

It makes your outdoor spaces elegant, practical and requires an economic investment. Excellent qualities for living outdoors more and more!

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