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Divani con i Pallets, scenografia tra legno e cuscini!

Sofas with Pallets, scenography between wood and cushions!

Beyond rycicling comes upcycling: a great way to reuse objects and make them useful again, perhaps with some special inserts...

An example? The pallet sofa! You can take old wooden pallets, arrange them and put custom cushions on them: a perfect sofa especially for outdoors. Gardens, courtyards, terraces with such a seat immediately acquire a new look, scenographic in many cases.

It also depends a lot on the cushions used for the so-called Sofa pallets !

Cushions for sofas in pallets, which ones to choose

How to make these “furniture” even more comfortable? With special pillows.

Once the creation of the pallet sofa is finished, it is clear that something important is missing: i custom pillows.

From compact to softer ones, each cushion is designed to be comfortable. There are classic square models but also round or triangular, ideal for unusual and truly scenographic shapes on the sofa.

However, the pouf cushions for the sofa are all created with material suitable for resisting the sun's rays, water since they are waterproof pillows and wear with anti-tear fabric.

I'm always removable and washable covers in a comfortable way. Like the wooden pallet, the cushions are also designed for maximum comfort!

Some larger models are perfect for the pallet sofa, and you can also find them in the most refined version: i padded faux leather cushions . In this case, the pallet sofa becomes more sophisticated and between wood and eco-leather, the style effect is also suitable for interiors.

The comfort of the cushions on the solidity of the sofa

We know that a seat made with pellets is square and uncomfortable. The spaces between the wooden slats certainly don't help comfort for relaxing. For this, the more they are ergonomic the pillows, the better.

Our sofa cushions are stuffed with polystyrene balls, which make them soft and moldable for each person.

They adapt to the shape of the person sitting, and help welcome with the dimensions: they arrive at 140x200.

They are spacious and comfortable, and with such a width they can receive guests on a larger than usual pallet sofa.

Choose from our selection of outdoor cushion models, in many different colors . Because this too makes the difference! From lemon yellow to refined grey, dark red that combines with wood, green that gives a "natural" touch, orange and pink that give joy.

You will only have to choose your favorite combination for the cushions, with the advantage of change it every season !

Ultimately, here are the benefits of pallet furniture and sofas…

  • THE sofa cushions are light and portable.
  • It is easy to wash the sofa thanks to the removable cushions and the pallet wood.
  • Pallets can be kept outdoors, as can waterproof cushions.
  • Pallet wood is strong and does not break easily
  • A lounge suites colored creates an exclusive interior in style.
  • The sofa with faux leather cushions makes an outdoor area look like a real living room.

Like a beautiful and comfortable seat on which to relax, the Pallets Sofa and its cushions will surely make a splendid impression!

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