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I migliori materiali per le poltrone sacco

The best materials for bean bags

A great material for your chair or sofa, it has been known to affect the life and comfort of your chair. We know, in fact, that the material with which the poufs or beanbags are built makes a lot of difference in terms of wear.

To be soft, comfortable and relaxing, they are usually built with soft and yielding materials, but they are not all the same especially in the external covering...

The choice of material for ottomans

Poufs are the perfect place to relax after a long, hectic day, or just to sit comfortably.

Thanks to a first-rate fabric, you can enjoy these seats for a long time, but that's the problem: the resistant material or fabric!

Factors to consider for a beanbag chair

When looking for a bean bag for the home, which is also versatile for outdoors, the best material is certainly waterproof and resistant to abrasion. To create a special decor, however, you can focus on the fabric...

Use of the beanbag

Its function will also decide the upholstery material you will need. If you want to use the bean bag outdoors , it is advisable to choose a resistant cover in technical fabric, capable of withstanding the most adverse weather conditions, as well as humidity

While for the use of the pouf in the interior , you can choose a more refined material such as eco-leather, suitable for combining with the interior furnishings. Less resistant but certainly more refined. This is where style also comes into play, which we'll talk about later...


Some technical fabrics for poufs are waterproof, others are not. For this, we must pay attention to it. If at home there are children, pets, many guests with drinks attached ... well, it would be advisable to choose a waterproof fabric to protect the beanbag and prevent it from getting moldy or stained. Waterproofing is essential for outdoor poufs – in the swimming pool, of course!

Interior design and fabrics

Home decor is essential to consider when selecting the ottoman fabric. The color and decorative motifs must match or create an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

Choosing a plain pouf can also be a guarantee for future changes.

In terms of upholstery of the bean bag, if the choice of material is wrong, the appearance of the room will be uneven or downright unpleasant. An ethnic pouf in fabric, in a very modern environment, becomes a "mal placé", for example.

From this point of view, many furnishings are designed with light and refined materials, or resistant and modern. Among the many, there are poufs in faux leather, micro suede fibers, corduroy, denim or heavy cotton . Other covers are in refined silk, leather or polyester (material for durable and resistant poufs).

Without forgetting the effects of chenille poufs, difficult to keep clean, however, as well as faux suede or suede; other solutions, are made of faux fur material!

The cost of the ottoman

Another factor in choosing a bean bag of a certain type of fabric or material is also the cost. The price of the ottoman plays a key role in choosing it, but remember that the budget defines reliability and durability.

High quality and superior beanbags are expensive, although not excessively so. Because the value of the material does not mean that you cannot get your hands on a good quality pouf at an affordable cost. It will just need more care and maintenance, to keep the recliners in good shape.

Some online shops, such as Avalon, offer poufs in all price ranges, made with different but always reliable fabrics.

Avalon bean bags

The coverings of our products change, always maintaining high quality and resistance as key factors in the collection of poufs and beanbags .

Many of our beanbags are made of polyester fabric and are therefore waterproof. You will have no problems with the decoration, because polyester fabrics are available in different colors and decorations, due to their technical quality of excellent workability. Other armchairs are made with eco-leather, or imitation leather , which best matches the decor of your home and gives a more elegant effect.

The synthetic fabric stands up to any weather and will last for many years. In addition to being a material resistant to mould, fading and stains. A great feature of synthetic technical fabric is that it doesn't absorb moisture and doesn't get wet easily – ideal for outdoor use!

Inside, however, the best material for beanbags is EPS (expanded polystyrene) used to fill the outer cover in a safe, light and soft way.

These are EPS PRO QUALITY polystyrene "pearls" of Italian production that do not release dust, long-lasting. They are used for filling poufs, cushions, armchairs, pouf beds and so on.

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