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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.


Perché le poltrone sacco sono il must-have della stagione

Because bean bags are the season's must-have

The success of our collection of bean bags confirms it: the bean bag is one of the most loved furnishing accessories! How come? The secret is in their soft solidity, full of style...

Beanbags and the features they like

A bean bag is a soft and comfortable chair, also called a bean bag, usually in yielding fabric and filled with materials that make it light and easy to move.

Among the features that have made our Avalon beanbags so popular, there is certainly the comfort . They are filled with polystyrene balls, which make them soft and welcoming . Poufs easily become ergonomic seats, taking the shape of those who live in them at that moment.

For this reason, they are much loved by those looking for relaxing armchairs that are also a less "classic" piece of furniture. Ottomans allow you to stretch out in front of the TV, sit and read, even curl up to snooze.

Their softness is a factor that attracts, and they become a unique piece of furniture for any environment. From bedrooms for the youngest and youngest, to living rooms in front of television and multimedia systems, up to being comfortable pouf armchairs in the bedroom.

Plus, they're versatile . Beanbags can be used both indoors and outdoors as a pouf for the garden, terrace or courtyard.

The stain-resistant and tear-resistant fabric is often UV-resistant and waterproof – which allows you to position the armchairs even outdoors. This advantage is greatly appreciated by those who buy a beanbag so as not to have the stress of staining or damaging sofas and armchairs.

They also accommodate pets in the best possible way and are perfect poufs for children to play freely (who, as you know, know about stains). They are really easy to clean, and part of the success of the poufs is also due to their practicality.

The design of the beanbags that can "solve" an interior

Their unique style is another element that makes bean bags special in interior design.

They become a must-have in a dynamic environment, with colorful furnishings that match perfectly. Furthermore, their flexible shape adapts well to classic or modern furnishings, keeping it in the traditional shape of an armchair (beanbag) or spread out more widely.

In the collection of bean bags, you can choose some models that look like real armchairs – such as the faux leather armchair bed.

Alternatively, the seat will be more informal in the cushion versions and in the round disco pouf . The most striking is the star-shaped pouf, which, like the triangle-shaped armchair, can define the shape of a space in a truly exclusive way.

A bean bag becomes an important piece of design where the furniture is too neutral, and can represent a focal point of color – especially in the more lively shades.

If you want a soft and stylish beanbag, our collection will amaze you with the many proposals, such as shapes, materials and colors!

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