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Poltroncine per bambini

Armchairs for children

Fun meets practicality when it comes to poufs for the little ones . Plus, the easy seating chairs are also stain and mold proof when waterproof.

In short, there are many advantages, and last but not least there is the fact of being able to furnish children's bedrooms with bright and pleasant colors, suitable for their room.

Poufs safe for children

The first fact is the fact that children's armchairs are a peaceful refuge, without edges .

Most of the beanbags for children, and in particular those of the Avalon line, are safe from various points of view.

They're waterproof against spilled water or food stains (what kid wouldn't drip ice cream all over the place?).

Getting a seat with waterproof materials becomes essential for younger children, who are developing their own food or pee handling habits.

These materials create poufs that are easy to clean, without the padding being compromised. Furthermore, they are perfect for the terrace or the garden, and even to be transported to holiday homes: they are light and comfortable!

In addition, the poufs for the little ones are created with tear-resistant fabrics, which are also pet-proof - the combination of children and pets can be a problem on precious sofas!

Furthermore, they do not collect dust like classic fabrics and are easily washable, allergy-proof. The materials are kid-friendly, meaning they're non-toxic, and the secure seams won't cause any problems for the little ones.

Colorful, comfortable and practical: here are the armchairs for the bedrooms.

The choice of armchairs for the little ones is often made on these factors: they must be soft, colourful, welcoming, and perhaps with some nice design.

Our designers create a collection of children's poufs that meet these requirements, showcasing different sizes, shapes and colors.

There are both the classic bean bags or poufs, and models of real armchairs in eco-leather for children, which show a compact shape and ideal sizes for children aged 3 to 7 years.

We know that children love colours, and for this reason a fundamental criterion is also choosing a small armchair or pouf from a vast range of colours.

From vital orange to fuchsia armchairs, you will find many shades and shades for the children's room.

Some of the poufs are even decorated in the colors of your favorite football teams !

Jump and move safely

What kid doesn't love to jump on soft stuff?

If you want to give a chance to play safely, you can choose large poufs , perhaps larger than the sizes for children. Surely you will get a surface for jumping, which is not your bed or sofa.

The fabric remains intact, and an important element is that the softness of the bean bag poufs can cushion falls.

Whether the children are playing with each other, with the house dog or moving about while watching TV... the pouf is soft and welcoming, always with style!

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