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Poltroncine a sacco

Bean bags

A special place to sit, rest and play. Which? For the little ones it can be a soft and welcoming beanbag chair.

A small pouf perfect for bedrooms, or to create a suitable corner for them in any room (it's portable!) and in the garden. Here is the solution that allows the very little ones to climb, the others to sit down to rest, read, play or listen to music.

Because even the little ones have their hobbies, and certainly a safe and ergonomic place to sit can be excellent.

The pouf for the bedroom is the solution for everyone

Children can have “difficulties” with furniture: they jump, play and drag things around, they can bump into them as they move. Therefore, both for their safety and to avoid wear and tear on children's furniture, many parents want something more practical.

Small bean bags are a resource for adults, therefore, for children, but also for their guests - whether it's other friends who want to rest or play with them, or four-legged friends who can curl up on the waterproof poufs .

A pouf armchair can help with its softness to make children relax, watch TV or play video games, read, chat with each other, and even play by jumping and swinging on the pouf.

Its safety in terms of welcoming shapes and materials is also suitable for the lively attitudes of the little ones: the Bag Baby bean bag chair is waterproof, tearproof, can take on many shapes but always comes back soft and accommodating.

We recommend these beanbags for younger children as the height of the larger chairs and beanbags may be a little too high for them - small beanbags are closer to the floor but still provide maximum comfort!

The beanbag chair can furnish with variable colors and dimensions

Aesthetically, this little beanbag chair is available in an assortment of bright and fun colors , suitable for children's and teenagers' rooms. In some alternatives, however, it has neutral tones that are perfect for different types of furniture.

You can also think of a diversification in terms of materials, with poufs and bean bags in fabric or small poufs in eco-leather ,

The dimensions of the poufs are designed not only for children, given that a beanbag of approximately 78x78 centimeters is also perfect for hosting an adult in a moment of relaxation, when they want to sit down, read or watch TV.
In this case, you can also make useful mixes with small bean bags alternating with large bean bags , designed for a seating system for adults and children, or as a diversification between "chairs" and "armchairs".

Furthermore, for those wishing to create a soft and comfortable space, there is also the possibility of choosing a giant beanbag for their own environment, designed to accommodate more people or for the total comfort of both children and adults (110 x 100 cm ).

Surely these armchair poufs are excellent for those who do not have much space and are more compact than the large sizes. Furthermore, they can be transported in the garden, on the terrace, from one room to another easily.

Their "mobility" between indoors and outdoors is not a problem, both because the beanbags are light but also because they are easy to clean (a relief for parents with small children!), resistant to water and fading, therefore they will remain colorful and yielding even if they are left outdoors.

You can add a touch of vivacity but also of design , to the bedroom or playroom, or to the spaces of the house, with one of our colored armchairs or poufs.

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