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Poltrone sacco e pouf sacco: tendenze del 2023

Beanbags and bean bags: trends for 2023

The fashions related to our furniture are often balanced: on the one hand the classic elements such as accessories (chairs, tables, carpets, etc.), on the other innovative colors and materials. When it comes to bean bags, however, the style element is even more marked, and it really makes a difference!
Do you want to integrate a bean bag pouffe into your home ? You can follow the 2023 trends and choose which model best matches your needs.

Fashion poufs, resistant and always personalized

To sink comfortably into a comfy beanbag, it's crucial that it's sturdy enough to handle you, any kids, and furry friends.
From this base, you will be able to choose the trending style this year. Since the 1960s, bean bag poufs have dictated a very specific style, created by Italian designers, but every spring they are renewed in the details of comfort and aesthetics...

The elegant beanbag for relaxing in the living room

With the ever more widespread passion for TV series, video games and reading, these poufs adapt to the interior. They are also perfect for receiving guests in complete relaxation, and covering a space with a "surprise" element.
The trendiest covering materials and padding are those in leather or eco-leather , for an elegant living room, perhaps in combination with wooden details. There's no shortage of colours, because the trend is for a disengaged and lively living room, with a brightly colored bean bag pouf to create a point of colour.

The comfortable and light beanbag, versatile in furnishing

For those who dream of a chair that adapts to the body for comfort, it is perfect to choose one with soft materials , designed as a flexible and portable seat. The dimensions of this bean bag must be large, perhaps maxi, and well padded.

Comfortable from an ergonomic point of view, they must be light in order to be able to transport them from indoors to outdoors. The 2023 trend accentuates the versatility and comfort of furnishings, with "mobile" elements such as bean bags and folding tables. A seating system that is always ready to welcome unexpected guests, go outside when the weather permits or come back quickly.

Even the savings factor is not to be overlooked, on the contrary. One or two bean bags can be equipped with footrest cube poufs or with the function of small tables . A set that allows you to create a single transportable and handy piece of furniture for interiors and exteriors.

In this case, the material and color will have to be chosen carefully to adapt well to both the interior and the terrace or garden. The ottoman with the built-in handle is useful, making it easy to carry wherever you need to sit.

The outdoor pouf, waterproof and colourful

The outdoor trend is getting stronger and stronger, and all the outdoor spaces available in the house are getting better and better. Starting from the terrace, where a comfortable pouf becomes an asset during the hot season, up to the trend for clubs to create a welcoming and informal seat in the garden, veranda or poolside.
In some cases they can become real deck chairs for sunbathing (they are resistant to UV rays). These are always waterproof beanbags that resist bad weather and tears , able to counteract humidity and mold.
They are available in all sizes and in many lively or trendy colors - summer 2023 loves lilac - wisteria!
Furthermore, large cushion poufs , very trendy with a rectangular or round shape, can be useful for the outdoors. You can combine maxi cushions and poufs with armchairs, for furnishing the outside of the house.

In the bedroom and in the bedroom, the "playful" trend of poufs

These bean bags make the sleeping area more lively, and fashion does not disdain to create eclectic style spaces between colors and materials.
In children's bedrooms the color element is taken for granted, the pouf is increasingly in demand for the comfort of the little ones and their safety : they are soft, they allow children to be accommodated without the risks of small chairs. The best bean bags for bedrooms can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, have a cover that is easy to remove and have stain-resistant qualities.

For adults' bedrooms, a beanbag can certainly give personality and style to an informal room, as a seat or complement for sitting, dressing and resting clothing.

Pouf sack as sofa and bed

The chair-shaped beanbag sometimes changes and becomes a comfortable bed or sofa. The versatility of the soft shape. The most interesting version is designed to recline, doze comfortably, and in some models it can accommodate up to two people.
To make it not only comfortable but useful when resting, the beanbag can be chosen in comfortable and breathable fabric.

The eco-leather version, in addition to being refined for the living room and the sofa, is also an ecological material suitable for everyone. The trend of the year is to gain space in the home, and the sofa bean bag or sofa bed keeps that promise.
Other versions are those of the semi-rigid pouf bed or sofa , although always inspired by the softness of the original bean bag. They are perhaps more suitable outdoors for complete relaxation, or as alternative beds for guests.

Minimalist style, classic beanbags

An elegant silhouette, with a minimal profile, is perfect in an essential but enlivened living furniture in the accessories. The most fashionable beanbag is the drop-shaped one, which adapts to the body in a sophisticated as well as comfortable way. A reference to the original design of the sixties!
It can be used as a chair or armchair, accompanied by the matching footstool .

Also perfect when you are short on space and lead a single lifestyle, this type of compact beanbag is also designed to fit into small, informal spaces. The faux leather version is definitely a must compared to the technical fabric. Alternatively, natural fabrics can give a light touch when combined with wood.

Avalon 2023 bean bags

The products in our 2023 collection of beanbags follow the trends in terms of sizes, colors and shapes every season. Surely, they can add a touch of contemporary style to your home and uniqueness – as well as the comfort factor.

The bean bag poufs are designed in various types, perfect for following trends and adapting to the evolution of interior furnishings.
Even with a touch of style like the heart pouf, perfect as an original design for the home, outdoors, public places and lounge bars. An Avalon inspiration that will set trends?

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