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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.


Pouf da giardino

Garden ottoman

There is nothing better than enjoying your own outdoor space, perhaps on a hot summer day or with the first rays of the spring sun or the last remnants of heat in autumn.

In short, we know how beautiful and beneficial it is to be out in the garden, and certainly with a garden pouf you can be sure of doing so in complete comfort.

These cushions designed for the outdoors are a good idea for welcoming guests, relaxing, enjoying music or reading in the courtyard or by the pool. And there are many ideas for decorating the garden with poufs !

Cushions and poufs for outdoors, waterproof and lively

From an aesthetic point of view, garden poufs are a good idea for decorating, instead of sofas or outdoor furniture. They can be square, round, triangular poufs , even with the shape of armchairs, beds and sofas. For open spaces there are also models of poufs for children, rigid poufs, armchair poufs that can open and become double, and various proposals for furnishing with practicality.

Our Avalon collection offers you many colors for outdoor poufs, which can satisfy your preferences, all at advantageous prices.

You could position them as comfortable seats but also as tables in the case of cube-shaped or rectangular poufs . Furthermore, the round garden poufs are perfect for lounge areas, perhaps on the lawn to dive into the softness, after a dip in the pool.

The measures allow both single sessions and in pairs, or with your pets to play in the garden.

In any case, these are outdoor poufs because the fabric with which they are covered is waterproof, resistant to abrasion, easily washable, designed not to fade with the sun's rays - UV protection. A nice red garden pouffe, it won't get faded any time soon, you know. Against humidity and mould, the technical fabric used for the upholstery also ensures the healthiness of these seats, even if they are in the open air for months.

Furthermore, the lightness of these outdoor poufs makes them easily transportable from outside to inside the premises and homes, in case of bad weather. I'm always able to face the rain, of course, but carrying your pillow around in an instant can only be pleasant and comfortable!

Styles and colors to furnish with outdoor poufs

With so many colors and prints to choose from, establishing a bean bag style for outdoor spaces isn't straightforward. So first off, it can be helpful to decide on your favorite color or print you would like, but consider whether it will contrast or complement your current outdoor decor.

Neutral and uniform colors are suitable for creating a clean and linear look, bright colors for giving a splash of color on the grass or by the pool. Prints on garden poufs can be suggestive, if your goal is to give a definite suggestion, as in the case of stripes or tattoo design prints - for a touch of eccentricity.

Furthermore, the destination of the garden is important: is it a private oasis reserved for you? Is it a shared space? Do you welcome many guests and want to decorate in a surprising way? Is it a public place where you want to create a specific atmosphere?

Keeping these ideas in mind, it will be easier to find the right outdoor pouf for your home or place.

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