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Cuscini per divani in pallets

Cushions for sofas in pallets

In your outdoor space, garden or terrace, you can bring a piece of furniture with a great "rustic" charm such as the sofa made with pallets. A simple and inexpensive method of building an outdoor sofa that can be customized to fit your space and needs. Maybe with a set of pallet sofa cushions ! Let's first see why insert a sofa in pallets, and then what are the most suitable cushions...

Pallets for outdoor furniture

Usually these structures are used in the transport of goods, but the wooden pallets, if necessary, can be transformed into an elegant design touch for outdoor furniture.

Yes, even elegant if they are covered in the right way with cushions , or with paints that make them less rustic. Furthermore, for those who have skills in woodworking, wooden pallets can be transformed into sofas but also into tables, garden chairs, shoe racks, bookcases, kitchen worktops... as many pieces of furniture as you want, and which give a natural air to your exterior. In fact, wooden pallets are ecological, but also resistant: they can withstand heavy weights and are ideal as a base for the sofa. They're cheap (sometimes free if you find the used ones!), but... they're certainly not comfortable! For this reason, a pallet sofa can be perfect for giving an eco-friendly or shabby chic look to your garden, but you will still need to think about cushions for a comfortable seat. Surely, being an outdoor sofa, the cushions must be waterproof and resistant .

The best cushions for pallet sofas

You can choose round or triangular models, to create a "dissonance" with the square pallet, or rectangular cushion pouf models. In any case, the sofa cushion poufs must always be in fabric that is resistant to water, the sun and the passage of time outdoors. Among our most suitable models are the Thin Square Pouf Cushion , in the large or medium version (the large one is 135x170x30 cm). It is also possible to think of combining armchair poufs, such as the Gaia model, to create consecutive seats on the pallet, but which can be moved if necessary. The most suitable to be used for a pallet sofa may be the XXL pouf cushions with removable covers , with large dimensions (140x175 cm), which help to relax easily and comfortably on the wood. Another version is also in padded eco-leather, always in size XXL for a maximum comfortable feeling. This also happens because these cushion poufs are ergonomic, they take the shape of the person sitting on them, for a perception of soft welcome. Furthermore, they can be customized by choosing from different colours, perhaps to adapt to the paints used with the pallets, or in neutral tones to respect the wood. Furthermore, sometimes a contrast can become a "plus" for the garden, between nature and design, even in the details of the pellet sofa. The cushion-shaped poufs are well suited to the minimum heights of pellet sofas, to raise them just enough. They also ensure resistance to bad weather : the fabric is not scratched by abrasion or attacked by mould, cold and water (they derive from nautical upholstery). The sofa cushions are washable, removable, secure thanks to the double closure. The inside is filled with styrofoam balls, soft and cozy. In this case the measures reach 140x200 , therefore able to receive guests from a full-width sofa.

See cushions for sofas in pallets .

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