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Pouf per bagno

Pouffe for bathroom

A pouf can be not only the comfortable padded cushion in which to "float" when shifting position, but also a more rigid structure, a solid seat but without legs. In this case, we are talking about the rigid or padded pouf , yes but with a more compact shape, to sit in a comfortable but resistant way. The advantages for the bathroom are considerable, for those who want to sit or lean without cluttering or jeopardizing the classic chairs...

The rigid and waterproof poufs for the bathroom

They are ideal for an environment so subject to humidity and the "incursions" of water. The ottomans for the bathroom , in fact, they are made of a water resistant material, which allows them to be used for bathroom furnishings, creating a corner of comfort and also trendy, given that they are often coloured! Furthermore, especially when they are faux leather poufs, they give a touch of elegance to the environment and softness to the touch. They resist water but also the heat of bathroom vapors and abrasions. They are easily washed, to maintain their hygienic level, and are usually these poufs have a cylindrical or cubic shape to take advantage of the comfortable seat. They are formed by a light but resistant foamed polystyrene structure, and the padding ensures maximum comfort thanks to the polyurethane of different densities. This filling holds their shape, and makes them efficient for sitting on. Not a small detail, given that a pouf can improve posture by making small adjustments to the positioning of the body. Thanks to the comfort of the ottoman and feet firmly on the floor, your back, shoulders and neck are less inclined to lean forward, reducing pressure on discs, muscles and nerves.

Design and shapes of the ottoman in the bathroom

On an aesthetic level, the minimal and functional line of poufs adapts well to contemporary interior design trends, and their small size allows them to fit anywhere. The circular and cylindrical shapes of the pouffes are also preferable because they adapt better to the shape of the body. Remember that when you have to choose this type of pouf, you must not only think about the space available but also about who uses it. You need to factor in more room than the girth of a chair , and while tall people typically need a large beanbag with firm padding to support their backs, someone smaller or lighter may be comfortable with a smaller, more flexible beanbag as well. Rectangular shapes might be preferable for those looking for an ottoman that could double as a footrest. Furthermore, the rigid square or rectangular poufs can also be combined with each other, to create furnishing compositions (especially for outdoors rather than for the bathroom). In any case, the poufs are versatile elements of the furniture and give an impact of design and refinement in any environment. They can be more or less low, depending on the needs, but they always represent a "disruptive" element when they are coloured.

The rigid Avalon bathroom ottomans

In our collection of Avalon eco-leather poufs, a rigid rectangular pouf model in many colors is the rectangular Mamba pouf , perfect as a "long" seat for a large bathroom. While the smaller cylindrical rigid Mamba pouf is perfect for small spaces. Between the two, there are different medium-sized bathroom pouf solutions, many different colors and cubic shapes for a timeless design... Among the pouf colors to choose from, there are light blue, orange, burgundy, the classic black and white, green, red, elegant beige, overwhelming fuchsia, romantic lavender, serious dark brown, trendy yellow, silver and gold for the metallic furnishings, midnight blue for the classic bathroom; and many other shades from which to select this exclusive piece of bathroom furniture!
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