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I pouf che non ti aspettavi

The poufs you didn't expect

Many, colorful, strange or classic… poufs are able to make an environment unique and distort its view. As well as, of course, giving maximum comfort and freedom to relax. Each in his own way…

Pouf with feet

Usually the poufs with wooden feet are used either as a footrest, or as furnishing accessories not only to rest the legs, the poufs with feet are extra seats in the living room or in the bedrooms. You find them colored in different shades, waterproof and soft.

Design footrest ottoman

A piece of furniture is studied in detail, as with these cubes with an elegant design, rigid so that they can be used as a footrest. You can find them in fourteen different shades of color, and four widths for every need – even for more comfortable seats as well as for relaxing your legs.

Pouf with backrest

This type of large or small size armchair is available with a comfortable back support and, consequently, for the health of the cervical. Useful for maintaining correct posture and sitting comfortably at the same time. The pouf with backrest can be found in different colors, and also in eco-leather.

Design storage poufs

Style and practicality go hand in hand in this piece of furniture, made up of a pouf structure that hides a container compartment of various sizes. The design is linear, the colors refined, the upper part that opens comfortably and "frivolously" with the opening ribbon. Ideal for bedrooms and bedrooms, utility rooms and cloakrooms.

pouf containers, pluto container, eco-leather container, eco-leather

Pouf with eco-leather container

This type of cushions are perfect for those who want innovative and ecological materials, such as eco-leather. A raw material that gives the refined effect of a leather seat but, at the same time, waterproof to resist water and wear. The container, in different sizes, allows you to insert cushions, sheets, accessories…

Rectangular storage ottoman

A pouf with an internal space is a resource for containing objects or linens, and becomes a space-saving piece of home furniture, as well as providing a comfortable pouf seat! The rectangular length allows a greater capacity and also a wider space to sit comfortably, especially useful for children's bedrooms.

Ronny ottoman bed

These armchair-beds are a practical and versatile furnishing solution, which allow you to have seating spaces and, if necessary, transform into beds for any environment. The colorful aesthetics of poufs are combined with the functionality of a large and comfortable bed when the pouf in the shape of an armchair opens!

Pouf for walk-in closet

Comfortable to sit on, put on shoes or socks, try on clothes or accessories. These small poufs, compact and resistant, are designed to be inserted in the structures of the closet rooms, or in the wardrobes. You will find them in colours, to adapt to the cabin furnishings, with removable and washable covers for maximum hygiene and practicality.

Poufs for bedrooms

Colorful and easy to move, this type of pouf is suitable for bedrooms and children's rooms. It is a medium-sized bean bag, easily washable and equipped with maximum comfort for those who want to sit down or for a guest who wants to rest comfortably.

Pouf, cylinder pouf, tea pouf, cup-shaped pouf, cylinder-shaped pouf, design pouf

Pouf for bedroom

For the little ones, padded armchairs are a convenience and a game. You will find many poufs for children in our catalogue, ranging from small armchairs to soft and low poufs, always ergonomic and suitable for playing. In addition to the poufs with handle, to be moved easily, all safe in terms of materials and washability.

Pouffe for dog

Dog poufs are now a classic piece of furniture for four-legged friends, designed with tear-resistant technical fabric, waterproof and made from a perfectly washable material. You can clean it every day, because the pouf dog is easily washed with a sponge dipped in hot water and neutral soap!

pouf dog, pouf dog, dog, pouf for dog, cushion for dogs, soft cushion

Shoe pouffe

For the convenience of inserting shoes and slippers, a container pouf can be ideal, at the entrance of the house, in the cloakroom, in a wardrobe... This piece of furniture also becomes a comfortable seat especially in the entrance, elegantly hiding shoes and other accessories. You can find it in different sizes from 50 cm up to over one meter.

Velvet pouf with green container

Although there are many different colors, a green pouf often gives a natural touch to an environment, with its color reminiscent of plants. It also pleases with its sophistication, classic style and fabric. It is a valid and useful container for accessories, objects, linen, little secrets...

Rubik's cube pouf

A classic for the furnishing of bars and lounges, the cube-shaped poufs are becoming more and more popular also thanks to their versatility - they also lend themselves to becoming practical tables in the rigid version. The shape recalls the famous Rubik's cube when colored in stripes or checkered, as in our multicolor versions.

Garden beanbag

Suitable for enjoying moments of absolute relaxation outdoors, this bean bag is designed with waterproof and resistant fabrics suitable for contrasting rain, cold, wind, pool water! Designed for the comfort of lying down in the garden, the bean bag is suitable for everyone, with different sizes.

pouf, beanbag, design, design armchair, soft armchair, soft pouf, footstool, cube, cube-shaped pouf

Knitted ottoman

A fabric pouf allows you to have double softness, and a style that can be classic and more suitable for vintage furnishings and, as fashion dictates, ideal with a Provençal or shabby chic style. In different rooms it becomes a versatile pouf for sitting, resting, hosting, placing clothes and accessories.

Crochet pouffe

Precious for its uniqueness, a pouf in washable fabric can be covered with crochet, using threads of different colors for a patchwork, or a solid color work, perhaps ton sur ton with respect to the underlying pouf. This seat becomes an exclusive piece of furniture, perfect for retro living rooms and bedrooms.

Ottoman with wheels

The convenience of a beanbag is precisely that of being able to move it easily. And even more simply, when a pouf has practical wheels underneath! In this way it can be a comfortable piece of furniture between indoors and outdoors, for all seasons.

Coffee table ottoman

The rigid poufs are transformed into tables in a simple and comfortable way. The compact shape of these poufs makes them perfect for hosting glasses, saucers and table accessories such as cutlery and napkins. Always with the necessary large cube or rectangle shapes that reach almost a meter in width.

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