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Poltrona con pouf

Armchair with ottoman

Are you looking for the most comfortable armchair in the world? It's a beanbag! Sounds a little playful, but this is actually a very comfortable solution. When you sit down in an armchair with ottoman you realize that they are among the most comfortable you have ever sat or laid down, and even fallen asleep – accidentally or from the gentle rocking of his softness...

The comfort of a large bean bag pouf

The so-called bean bag is one of the trendiest accessories for the home in terms of comfort and versatility. This type of armchair is available in many different coverings, in many different sizes, but certainly the large ones are the most suitable for a comfortable seat. It is perfect among living room furniture , if you don't have space for a large traditional sofa and can accommodate a few people, thanks to a large pouf. It's lightweight and you can carry it from room to room , even out to the garden in fine weather, so it fits in as a useful piece of furniture. It is easily washable , so you can use it for outdoors, indoors, for guests or for your relaxation. The Sacco chair can help you relax after a long day of work, it welcomes you with its softness to rest your back, watch TV, listen to music, read a book ... Being ergonomic, it allows you to maintain a healthy posture - a major concern for those who watch TV or play video games. A beanbag allows for maximum comfort while providing good neck and shoulder support while playing. In addition, the portability of the ottoman allows you to sit at the desired distance from the screen, saving on wireless accessories.

Pouf to modulate the spaces between home office and living room

In a time when many of us work from home, the living room often has to perform many different functions; a bulky sofa or "fixed" armchairs can create obstacles to space. Inserting some armchairs with poufs allows you to change the furnishing scheme as and when necessary. You can also put it in another room during the week and then reintegrate it at the weekend when habits change and maybe you host someone. Its lightness, being composed of EPS beads, helps a lot in redefining spaces. Also because, thanks to the replaceable covers with different colors , even with the pouf version in eco-leather , it doesn't matter how often your furniture changes: you can combine your pouf quickly and easily!

Seating and sleeping for guests

You can live in a one-bedroom apartment or have several extra guest rooms, but it can always be handy to have an “impromptu” sleeping place when it gets late. An excellent solution is the pouf armchair that transforms from a chair into a comfortable bed for guests. The same goes for when you have extra guests for tea, an aperitif or to watch a movie. Instead of looking for a wooden folding chair, when there is no more space on the sofa, you can comfortably space the seats with one or more poufs. And that's not all about comfort, because a pouf can become a perfect outdoor sofa for the summer and... for the doghouse! In addition to being easily transported in the garden or on the terrace, it can give you the possibility to offer an extra comfortable space to your four-legged friends . For a cat or a dog, a bean bag chair can become a comfortable bed for resting or playing. You can rest assured because the pouf armchairs are completely removable and machine washable. This means you can stop odors and unpleasant odors immediately, easily clean stains when the pouf is outdoors. No matter what your main need in the house is among these, but surely you will find a bean bag chair that can enhance your living space!
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