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Copri pouf: idee e consigli per una seduta sempre nuova

Pouf covers: ideas and advice for an always new seat

If you want to renovate the style of your home, even the details are important. Like the upholstery of the sofa, armchair or pouf. Whether it's a small square or round footrest pouf , a storage pouf or a soft sofa... it's essential to find the right "cover"!

Pouf covers: ideas and advice

The pouf cover must certainly be combined with the surrounding furniture , and therefore it will be in line with the pouf you have to cover. Unless you want to cover it because you don't like the color or pattern anymore. You can therefore choose a similar or complementary color, based on your renovation intentions.

If you decide to create a more colorful room, a faux leather pouf may be too serious. It will be necessary to choose a lively fabric as a pouf cover, and even a damask or precious texture if you want to change your furniture in a retro or classic way. It's the easiest way to add a pop of color to a neutral design , and if the poufs are two side by side and colorful, even better.

If, on the other hand, the pouf has an intense color and is not suitable for the new furniture, you can think of a neutral pouf cover or the chosen shade. For example, if you want to conform to a minimalist decor you can use gray, cream or black/white tones, perhaps matching the chandelier or curtains.

The drapery factor is fundamental: it is often recommended to match the pouf cover with the curtains of the house , if a coffee table is not present as a complement. In fact, using an integrated coffee table and pouf is a good rule of thumb in the living room, and everything must also be reported to the wooden details of the furniture and fixtures.
If by chance you are in the bedroom, then it is better to detach the pouf from the furniture and insert it into the color system of the curtains.

In the event that the exotic style is increasingly decisive in the home, a smooth and uniformly colored pouf can be upholstered with ethnic and oriental fabrics , in order to recall the classic "Ottoman" - it is from the Arab culture that the original ottoman.

The advantage of a pouf cover is being able to change patterns and colors according to the season or your mood, and even its function. A pouf can be a practical support surface, similar to a coffee table, and the combination with the objects it houses has its own value.

Recommended materials, style and color, maintenance

Always choose a resistant fabric for the pouf cover.

While any type of fiber can be used, certainly not all fabrics are suitable for the function it is intended to perform. As a rule, upholstery fabrics are used, which are durable and resistant to use.

Cotton is an alternative, usually available in a variety of colors, to quilting fabric .
Linen can also be a refined option, but due to its loose weave, it is at risk if you don't add some more durable layers. Ditto for silk or other delicate fibers.

Remember one detail: if your pouf is an inviting surface to rest your feet on and sit on, the upholstery fabric may not be particularly resistant to water and humidity. If you use the pouf to place trays and flower pots, it is found in the bathroom or to often host your four-legged friends... then it is good to choose a waterproof pouf cover !

For ease of maintenance, it is helpful to add hook-and-loop Velcro to the bottom hem of the ottoman cover - if it rolls up to the underside. The soft Velcro allows you to take it off and wash it, in a practical way, while the self-adhesive one does not resist much over time.

If you have already chosen a leather pouf , you will have a resistant material par excellence. Since poufs can be used in a variety of ways, leather (or faux leather) will ensure they stand the test of time. In this case, a light pouf cover is enough to protect it from dust when needed, or if you want to change color; but it is not essential as a protective coating.

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