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Cuscini per esterni: guida all'acquisto dei migliori modelli

Outdoor cushions: guide to buying the best models

To give a touch of style to your outdoor space, you can use maxi waterproof cushions.
A resource to relax, welcome guests and give a little color to the garden, terrace or outdoor courtyard.

You can mix different types of elegant and comfortable cushions, to give a complete furnishing sensation to the outdoors and not leave them undefended. For this, it's good to discover the different models and materials with a mini-guide to buying big cushions!

Outdoor cushions: buying guide

First of all, think about what function your big cushions have. It sounds easy, i.e. seating people, but often it's not that automatic – there's more!

If you need it to accommodate those who come to visit you or to make you sink into comfort, clearly the right model is a maxi cushion pouf . Soft and adaptable to the shapes it welcomes, in the XXL size it also allows you to contain four-legged friends or two people.

Among the many "giant" models, you will also find those outdoor eco-leather cushions for a more sophisticated environment - and to be reused even indoors when the season is no longer so sunny.

The best for relaxation is the outdoor pouf bed , which goes beyond the concept of a cushion as it is shaped like a waterproof outdoor bed.

If you just want to furnish but without creating an overly informal or shabby environment, you can choose the armchair pouf – one or more poufs for comfortable but stylish single seats. An external pouf of this type also becomes a small table.

Do you have a swimming pool? You need a floating pillow ! In this case, a cushion that can support you and make you relax in the water is also perfect for the exterior of your home by the sea or lake. Ready to be taken elsewhere, if it's a light and practical cushion.

Resistant materials on the outside, shapes and colours, how to choose the right cushions

For those who want a particular outdoor furniture, the important theme is the aesthetic one: creating a captivating composition.

In this case, colored pillows or with particular prints are perfect. "Solid" colors such as blue, red and yellow are perfect for renovating the external environment. Other models are designed for a design note such as cushions decorated with stripes, tattoo designs and so on.

The shapes? Choose a mix of rectangular, square and triangular cushions in different sizes to expand your outdoor space. It's important to blend the shapes and give the illusion of movement.

For pellet sofas or to cover the outdoor seats, choose cushions of the right shape and very comfortable. The soft stuffed pouffe cushions can add extra comfort to any sofa, couch or chair.

The material will be strictly waterproof against rain, water and UV rays . Usually, outdoor cushions are weather resistant and designed to withstand the elements.

For long-lasting use, however, check labels and anti-fade materials. Preferably, oriented towards outdoor cushions that are resistant not only to the sun but also to saltiness, abrasion and mold attack. In practice, cushions with typical characteristics of nautical upholstery.

To renew outdoor furniture with decorative and comfortable cushions, our Avalon collection offers many different models of poufs and giant cushions, which satisfy every requirement. A wide variety of styles, colors and sizes to furnish the outdoor space of your dreams.

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