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Temptation Island & Avalon, un'oasi di comodità

Temptation Island & Avalon, an oasis of convenience

When we're comfortably seated in front of the TV or watching our favorite programs on our tablet, we often follow shows like Temptation Island: feelings, crossing destinies, temptations...

In short, nice intrigues, which have a well-defined scenography in which Avalon also participated this year! What greater temptation than a soft and seductive pouf?

The poufs in Temptation Island furnishings

temptation island x Avalon cushions

We know that maxi cushions or poufs are often used as furniture for sets and reality shows, where the protagonists act in a well-defined space that is homely.
As for this edition of Temptation Island 2023 , in which different models of poufs have been welcomed on which to relax, talk, flirt.

Our poufs and cushions are certainly comfortable and comfortable, which is why they create a relaxing and intimate environment on the docu-reality set.

The island of "Temptations" with a capital T, tests the stability of the relationships of 7 couples. Like a yielding pouf, each story will have to model itself on events, deciding whether to return to its initial shape or "turn out of shape" (which fortunately does not happen to our poufs!).

Temptation Island: poufs and cushions, near or far!

temptation island broadcast cushions

Let's see which are the soft beds chosen for the reality show.

We start with models like Deluz: the outdoor pouf bed that welcomes participants in outdoor spaces – it's completely waterproof!

Another pouf bed , the Park, combines the elements of a pouf, armchair, sofa and bed for every need. What better occasion than to be tempted by the "pouffous" softness of the sunbeds?

The pouf armchair for outdoor use is certainly less lascivious, as is the combined Park seat with a single seat, perfect for keeping your distance or perhaps meditating.

Even more "isolated" is the round and captivating outdoor cushion pouf , also from the Park series. The space is not very large, since it measures 100x100x40 cm and is more suitable for a comfortable solitary session.

If not as a small table or to place objects - together with the Park armchairs and sunbeds - even better in its small pouf version measuring 65x65x40 cm.

line park x Temptation island

Each model becomes an asset in the reality show exteriors, and a truly unique opportunity to socialize while feeling totally relaxed and comfortable. A fundamental detail in such a stressful context as that of continuous temptations.

The touch of design and color harmony of temptation made into a pouf

These soft cushions, armchairs or loungers also have variations of shades, which can acquire meaning within Temptation Island.

Colors have their own language on our mind, and in some cases they cheer us up or prompt us to reflect. They stimulate good mood or vitality, as in the case of the Deluz - orange and mustard colored pouf armchair .

The green pouf bed of the Park line, on the other hand, brings concentration and less emotion, but relaxes in contact with nature of the same colour. Same consideration for the small armchair, which however also has a sky-colored variant.

This turquoise pouffe combines and enhances the relaxing effect of blue and green, bringing calm to every decision and moment.

The orange and blue pillows , on the other hand, together give a complementary effect between physical and mental energy. Ideal for the most dynamic or critical moments, when balance is needed!

temptation island x avalon

In addition, the Delux bed is also present with the zigzag mix model in green, red and gray.

If red evokes passion and impulsiveness, green brings calm. A touch of gray remains - even in other models of poufs and sunbeds... Could it be that of giving up in favor of routine? The wisdom of not hasty decisions? Without a doubt, it is the mix that is needed to manage the situation.

The Temptation Island poufs create an excellent practical set of comfort; but also many small stimuli for the captivating episodes of this docu-reality .

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