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Cuscino per cani

Dog pillow

What's better than a comfortable place where the dog (or cat) can lie down?
This seat is the bean bag meant for pets!

You can find them in all sizes, from kittens and small dogs up to large dogs, or bulky puppies.
These large cushions are also the best way to give pets a little personal space that can follow you. They are light and portable , so without having to leave the dog alone in another part of the house, the pouf becomes the optimal size for him and for you.

The characteristics of the cushion poufs for pets

Those looking for a cushion for dogs can think about choosing a soft pouf, which means many more advantages!

It can be a large or small cushion, in any case the pouf designed for the furry friend (dog or cat) is created with tearproof technical fabric. It is the material par excellence when one thinks of pets: it is not afraid of scratches and lacerations from the nails and teeth of the four paws. It is a plastic-coated nylon fabric that resists abrasions and wrinkles, and has waterproof qualities.

Furthermore, on these pet cushions the hair does not remain attached to the cushion and, in any case, the tear-proof fabric is easily machine washable.

The shape is just as comfortably structured for them, as the filling with polystyrene balls makes the cushions soft and cozy . The fabric doesn't shrink or the balls scatter (double locking system): you won't have to worry about the pouffes becoming deformed by the dog's size or the cat's sudden jumps.

In addition, they give the dog warmth: he will be comfortable but he won't have to sleep on the floor and get cold. Even if they seem at ease, often dogs and cats we know that they always prefer a welcoming and warm place for their joints: a huge and soft cuddle that you can reserve for them!

How to choose the best dog pillow

Most of the poufs that become soft "kennels" for dogs are made from stain-resistant and, as we have seen, tear-resistant materials .

Cleaning the poufs is easy, just use a sponge with warm water and neutral soap, drying them with a soft cloth or dry sponge. Frequent stains ? It happens with fuzzicles, so it's good to clean and dry immediately!

In addition to this element, we need to evaluate the comfort and flexibility of the pouf - we know how important it is for the well-being of pets.
It is an excellent alternative as a cot, it must also be light to transport inside and outside the house.

The dimensions are variable, since there are dog cushions with a width of 115cm x 75cm and a depth of 75cm. Other smaller ones are cushions with a width of 65 cm x a height of 16 and a depth of 60 cm. Which one to choose? Evaluate the size of the dog, or the growth prospects of the puppy.

Also with regard to colors, the cushions for pets can be found from black to petroleum green for the dark ones, alternatively light green or bright red, purple and bright blue. This is where personal taste, the decor or the color of your furry friend comes into play.

They will last a long time and will be a great addition to your home. Your dog or cat will love you for it: maybe he won't even want to get up too much, because it's so comfortable...

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