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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.


L'Ecopelle e i suoi Vantaggi

Eco-leather and its advantages

Faux leather is an extremely noble and resistant material which is characterized by its appearance identical to leather.
It is cheap, light, resistant and its maintenance and cleaning is very simple.
Faux leather has nothing of animal origin, it is in fact an entirely industrial product made from synthetic fibers on which a coating of plastic material, such as polyurethane, is applied.
Faux leather or real leather?
When choosing to buy a genuine leather sofa, it is good to know that it cannot be exposed to heat sources, such as radiators, stoves, or to direct sunlight for too long because it could harden and even change colour.
A piece of furniture in faux leather, on the other hand, does not have this drawback and does not undergo alterations, having a ten-year duration capacity.

Innovative faux leather!
And here we present the Mamba and Jazz eco-leather, materials of the most sought-after quality, specially designed in order to achieve greater softness to the touch and consequently able to offer you a high level of comfort.
Mamba eco-leather is known for its resistance to atmospheric agents, it is in fact fireproof (class 1M) as it has a high resistance to heat and abrasion, which also makes it perfect for exposure to the sun or direct heat sources.
Both materials, both Mamba and Jazz, have excellent impermeability to water and fluids in general, while promoting breathability , in order to prevent the development of fungi, molds and all those microorganisms that proliferate in humid environments.
They are environmentally friendly , as well as ecological since the realization does not involve mistreatment or killing of animals and they are rigorously produced in compliance with the rules that guarantee their low environmental impact.

A wide range of colors is available, in order to satisfy every taste and give the possibility to express oneself among the many different shades, while offering excellent possibilities of adaptation to the most diverse aesthetic and furnishing needs.
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