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Pouf avalon italia fantozzi poltrona sacco

Armchair by Fantozzi - The Fantozzi and Fracchia sack chair

Some cinematic images remain etched in our memory, for the strength of the narration, of course, but also for the originality of the sets that support it.

This is the case of the famous Fantozzi armchair, a pouf that deflates as soon as you sit on it, and can give rise to real discomfort complete with gags when you try to balance on it...

The pouf by Fracchia, a symbol of "chic" comfort

In reality, the famous pouf armchair appears not so much in Fantozzi's films as in the film Fracchia the human beast, shot in 1981 and with many furnishing references to the legendary Seventies. The ottoman, in particular, which was rampant in Italian and foreign homes in those years!

In a famous scene, Paolo Villaggio tries to sit on this piece of furniture considered chic and innovative at the time, but with decidedly comical results.

Difficult to sit down for him, difficult to find a comfortable position, indeed he immediately falls!
But if the famous scene made the bean bag famous with laughter, still today its charm is timeless and many try their hand at its comfort.

In reality, it is not necessary to have particularly balance or to have to sit: the beanbag only requires the quality of letting yourself go in comfort.

There are comfortable ones, in fact, for adults and children, with colorful pouf armchair models of variable sizes.

For those who love to "play" with seats, giant beanbags are also popular!

These are perfect seats for moments of relaxation , for those looking for their softness to relax, watch TV, read, listen to music...

To make the pouf even more versatile there is also a little "secret" that perhaps Fracchia did not know, namely that by sitting on the highest point of the beanbag, it is possible to use the pouf as if it were a chair, perhaps at the table.

The low seat is certainly the one that allows this, while by tilting the bag backwards you can be even more comfortable, and it is perfect for watching a screen or reading.

The greatest relaxation is in extending the beanbag horizontally, a sort of mini-sofa for resting. The one from which Fracchia ended up falling out of evident embarrassment of the news.

Upholstered bean bags

Beanbag armchairs like that of the famous Fracchia are also called bean bag poufs.

Like the originals from the seventies, the bean bags are made of breathable fabrics and filled with polystyrene beads, padded to the right point.

The material consists of the brand new EPS PRO QUALITY polystyrene beads of Italian production. These are paddings that make the bean bag ergonomic as well as soft, capable of taking on different shapes based on the way it is used. It almost fixes a shape as soon as you decide to – quite different from the effect of the funny gag where the body doesn't fit on the ottoman.

Polystyrene padding and double closure.

With bean bags with EPS beads, on the other hand, stability is ensured and also durability over time. It is important to know that they do not release harmful dust and are well sealed by the RPZ PRO seams. The system is double-locking, i.e. zipper plus Velcro strap, to prevent the pearls from falling out – a safe system for children.

In any case, however, the beanbags have completely removable covers

The fabric is tearproof and waterproof, a 100% Made in Italy polyester - our beanbags are all made in Italy.

The dimensions of the pouf armchairs can be the standard ones of around 1 metre, i.e. height 100 cm x diameter 80 cm, or up to 100 cm x 130 cm in the giant pouf armchairs – suitable for sharing.

For children, the dimensions of the poufs become smaller, 90cm x 65cm, perfect for welcoming them to relax or for a pleasant nap.

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