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Pouf gigante

Giant ottoman

A giant pouf , also known as a sack chair, has many advantages and... many shapes! In terms of benefits, a comfortable pouf can become a moment of great relaxation at the end of the day, for example. With the overload of stress we deal with on a daily basis, having a cozy armchair in your home means creating a place and a time where your body can instantly relax. The pouf is far beyond the armchair, since it allows us to welcome our body in a global way.

Pouf armchair, versatile and excellent for posture

The need to relax but also the need to maintain psycho-physical well-being are becoming an imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps with relaxing music, a pleasant scent in the air and, of course, a comfortable place to sit, such as an ottoman. In this pursuit of wellness, the giant pouffe comes into play, which can help us a lot in the stress relief routine. The beanbag chairs are filled with EPS Pro Quality polystyrene beads, which mold and support your body instead of bending it into an unnatural position. A seat, therefore, that is ergonomic, soft, comfortable and able to take on different shapes. A giant pouf can go from a "flat" shape which is a real enlarged pouf to stretch out, to the beanbag if you want to sit more. An especially convenient solution for people who work long hours in front of the computer and experience chronic back pain or headaches at the end of the day. It would be great to have these poufs while working, but if it's not possible, the least we can do is have one at home and enjoy its benefits!

Colorful poufs for your furniture

Bean bags usually come in many different sizes, colors, and patterns. A variety that can help you complete the look and feel of your living room, home office, especially if you are passionate about comfortable and original home furnishings. The giant pouf version certainly helps to create a unique point of interest in any environment in which it is placed. Pouffes offer a fun and affordable alternative to traditional sofas, too. They are available in different sizes, and allow for greater freedom, especially in the case of large-sized poufs, such as the giant one. For those who want to add an extra touch of color to the living room or to their own bedroom, these removable furnishings match perfectly with the rest of the furnishings, if you find a suitable color and can be positioned in the right place from time to time. The ability to easily change the color of a pouf with removable cover, to match the new design of the room, makes these furnishings more adaptable. Also, unlike heavy sofas, ottomans are easy to move from room to room, or even from house to house during a move. Poufs are light to carry , making moving around a practical option compared to a sofa – which is certainly more difficult to clean than a pouf with removable cover too!

Giant beanbags for outdoors

You can move these seats in almost any room and even in the garden, since they are waterproof poufs. Sinking into a relaxing beanbag, breathing in the fresh air, is much more pleasant than sitting on the often uncomfortable plastic garden chairs. In addition, such a pouffe gives the opportunity for a meditation or other method of stress relief - especially if the garden is full of grass, trees, flowers and pleasant natural sounds. A outdoor beanbag it's perfect not only for your garden, you can even turn this piece of furniture into a relaxing spot that you can take with you when you go to the beach or on holiday!

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