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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.


Pouf letto - Il pouf che diventa letto

Pouf bed - The pouf that becomes a bed

An ergonomic armchair with a fun design that is actually a bed! Here are the surprising and versatile features that a pouf suitable for sleeping can have. A pouf bed takes the shape of who sits on it, but when it can also become a bed due to its size, the benefits are considerable.

Double bed ottoman

This pouf that looks like an armchair, once opened it can become a comfortable bed! You won't need a pillow, because a double bed pouf allows you to put your head where you want comfortably. You will be able to sleep in all positions, with ample space, and your back is not affected, on the contrary. The ottoman provides supple and soft comfort, perfect for a great night's sleep. Usually large, rectangular padded poufs are best used as double beds, but there are also round pouf models – as well as faux leather versions. The internal bag makes the double bed pouf removable in a simple way, convenient to wash if used as a pouf guest bed. For those who want to place it outdoors, it is possible to sleep in the open air since the pouf bed is created with resistant and waterproof technical fabrics. Many people want to sleep on a bed of expanded polystyrene balls... colorful, nice, comfortable as only a pouf can be!

Single bed ottoman

This type of pouf is made up of a folded armchair, which once opened will have the size of a bed for one person, and is very comfortable for sitting but also for sleeping. A bed-shaped armchair, which is filled with polystyrene balls wrapped in a translucent film. In this way, you will have a single pouf bed that is easily washable and also elegant, given that in some cases there is also the model of pouf bed in eco-leather . Perfect for guests or to become a "mobile bed" and relax wherever you want!

Ottoman sofa bed

A sofa pouffe is a great option when you have guests and need extra places for them to sleep. They are light and soft, easy to move even for children and will not damage the floor. Furthermore, one of the most interesting things about the ottoman sofa bed is its portability, which makes it a very popular choice for a bed that can be moved wherever you want in the house. An ottoman can be arranged in different configurations, first for seating, to make the most of the sun or shade outdoors, and then for sleeping at night. A nice note for this pouf sofa bed is that it is equipped with an external bag to insert smartphones, tablets, books, accessories. A perfect sofa bed for those who want a comfortable space in which to fall asleep without having to get up to put anything down!

Cot pouf

The dimensions can vary, and for those looking for a smaller bed, it is possible to think of a cot pouf which, with its comfortable shape, allows you to relax on a cot with a backrest ! This single bed-shaped pouf can be used for outdoor environments such as gardens, swimming pools, terraces, bars or restaurants, but also indoors, perhaps for an original waiting room. The pouf bed allows you to relax in a comfortable way, and is resistant to any atmospheric agent if you want to use it outdoors (salt, sun, cold, water...).

Pouf bed dimensions

Discover the most suitable sizes for your double or single pouf bed. The armchair bed when closed is 95 x 75 cm with a height of about 60 cm. The measurements open in bed are 75 x 180 cm with a maximum height of 45 cm. The cushion armchair pouf has double dimensions with height 200 cm x width 140 cm x depth 32 cm. The single bed ottoman has dimensions of 190 cm x 80 cm. The double armchair pouf that can be used as a sofa bed has dimensions of 100 cm x 120 cm.

Pouf bed offer

We offer you different models of pouf bed in promotion, with substantial discounts if you want to buy a "beanbag" armchair or a large cushion pouf. Among our proposals for pouf offers at -40%, you will find the double armchair for € 139.00, the large cushion pouf for € 159.00 and the Pouf Armchair for € 89.00 (€ 109 in eco-leather). The pouf with backrest is 135.50, about 45% off !
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