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Pouf per bambini

Poufs for children

The soft armchairs and poufs for the little ones are always a hit in the bedrooms!

Parents usually pay attention to the style and materials, while children love them because they are soft, resistant and easy to clean (there won't be too many scoldings to be careful, like on sofas!).

Something extra? The fact that the poufs can also be used outdoors, or even taken elsewhere, given their lightness. Furthermore, for those with four-legged friends, the poufs represent a nice sharing place for children and pets.

What could you want more practical and nice?

Children's poufs: easy to clean, a free space in the bedroom.

They are comfortable, but above all they are durable and resistant to stains . A fundamental factor of freedom for the little ones, who also love to "smear themselves" with snacks and colours, and won't have to fear getting these poufs indelibly dirty. They can be cleaned quickly and easily , and for this reason they are also perfect for outdoors (garden, terrace, veranda) where it is often easier for them to get dirty.

Pouf for children by Avalon Italia

A lively color in the bedroom , if you buy an interior model, is also a reason for joy for the children who live in their colorful world.
There will be no need to fear discolouration, even outdoors, since the fabrics of the poufs for children are designed to be resistant to UV rays and water (bad weather, swimming pool, frost, etc.).

Pouffe for babies

Can the very little ones have their own pouf? Yes, if it is made with safety in mind.
Our poufs are also suitable for newborns, they do not show edges that could create bumps. They don't release dust, are soft and comfortable - with a tear-resistant fabric as well as waterproof.

Furthermore, the zip hidden by the Velcro tape prevents any scratches and makes these poufs safe even for the little ones.

They can also provide a useful sensory experience to help your child develop fine motor skills. The poufs for newborns promote a natural posture , adapting softly to that of the little ones. They are ergonomic poufs, able to take on different shapes!

Children's storage ottoman

Besides being a great place to sit and roll around, ottomans can also provide valuable storage space for items or clothing.
Not just reading, playing or relaxing: the little ones will also have a "secret" place to put sheets, pillows or toys and bulky objects.

This type of storage pouf is stiffer than bean bags for small children. It is made with a wooden structure and soft polyurethane padding .

Beauty is part of this piece of furniture: the pouf is covered in eco-leather (washable, resistant and soft) and makes every space unique for children, with an eco-sustainable as well as elegant effect.

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