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Take advantage of the SPECIALBAG discount code. Get €5 off.


Pouf sacco e Poltrona sacco

Pouf sack and sack chair

Beanbags are now a fun, comfortable, and inexpensive piece of furniture compared to many sofas or armchairs.

The older ones probably remember when they were children and the fashion for bean bags was widespread. Younger people appreciate them as something informal, simple and comfortable.

To better appreciate them, as always, you need to get to know them and understand the various types of poufs and bean bags popularized by design and fashion trends!

Price sack ottoman

We mentioned the affordable price.
Wondering how much a classic pouf costs? You have to take into account that size and materials make a difference.

For a bean bag pouf, prices vary from the highest prices for giant XXL poufs and materials such as eco-leather, to lower costs (often discounted) for small padded poufs and beanbags for children.

Avalon beanbag pouffe

If a large leatherette cushion can cost around 160-200 euros, a small cylinder pouf for seating costs around 50 euros. Between these two options, there are so many possibilities…

Soft armchairs and bean bags

The shapes of the poufs can be different, and for those looking for a particular piece of furniture, there is certainly a wide choice.

Surely among the most loved and famous, there are the bean bag armchairs, with the famous bean bag shape. It ranges from the shapes of comfortable and soft, well-padded armchairs to small bean bags , ideal even for the little ones.

You can find the small armchairs in many colors and patterns, suitable for revitalizing the interior furnishings as well as welcoming you comfortably.

Eco-leather pouf containers

Faux leather or eco-leather is an innovative material for covering furniture such as chairs, armchairs, sofas, and also for poufs! In particular, our imitation leather represents a practical but refined material , which imitates the elegance of leather in an ecological version.

Furthermore, those who choose an eco-leather pouf also find a piece of furniture resistant to folds, humidity and abrasions; perfect for its container function.

Are you worried about the style being too severe? Not at all! Unlike classic leather, the upholstery is available in many different colors. It can be in Jazz or Mamba imitation leather, an even more water-resistant material, ideal for outdoor eco-leather poufs .

Design poufs and modern poufs

The joy of a colorful and original environment certainly derives from the overall interior design, but style details also play their part.

The modern poufs, in particular, play their part with a touch of color and unusual shapes , with "itinerant" solutions - they can be moved and positioned to change the home decor!

Inserting design poufs makes the room or garden unique also thanks to the shape: cylinder, round, low, cube, cushion poufs...

Ottoman bed

Among the many forms of comfort, surely that of a pouf bed intrigues many people. It is a practical solution for placing very comfortable sunbeds in the garden or by the pool. Or, it's an idea to host someone at the last minute instead of opening the sofa bed. Actually, you'd go open the overstuffed chair-bed.

During the day folded up that takes up little space, in the evening a comfortable bed in imitation leather!

Outdoor ottoman

The outdoor environments have furnishings dedicated to their conditions, as we know. If garden furniture is a classic, surely a more interesting design note is given by poufs for gardens, terraces, courtyards, poolsides or other outdoor environments.

An outdoor ottoman is an asset due to its material that is resistant to water, humidity and discolouration from the sun's rays. Ideal for resisting the elements and lasts a long time.

A series of poufs in the garden also allows guests to move thanks to the lightness of the seats, which can be sack chairs, round, rectangular, triangular or square cushions.

Giant ottoman

For those who want comfort in the MAXI version, the most interesting design solution is certainly given by the extra large poufs.

Giant beanbags are suitable for accommodating more than one person, or for completely relaxing thanks to the extra dimensions – both in flat form and as oversized beanbags.

The giant poufs welcome you or your guests completely, even indoors to organize moments in which to watch a film or play video games.

Outdoors, they are ideal for venues that welcome groups of friends by the pool or in the open lounge bar.

In short, the enlarged pouf allows maximum relaxation and also accommodates your beloved 4-legged friends!

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